Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

What happend to Helmet heroes????
locked ph access????
did the server have problem??
aww im a new player just got 82...
can some 1 get my LOCKED PH ACCESS???
any GM can help us???

GM: could you guys help us??? we dont know where can we report or tell about our problem
helmet heroes is a good game...
pls help us newbie

one more thing guys pls give us some info about the GM or ADMIN so that we can contact them if we have PROBLEM...


love this game

what is PH bros

good information right here some people get banned for hackers that hack there account and give THEM things gg people that got banned from that

please help me fix ths glitch everytime i level up i gain special skill point then add it to my special skills but once i log out my skills resets, also the skill points. Please help me fix it im lvl 154 noow without any skills that is upgraded yet