Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

I have A suggestion.Can U put a Universal Xp Guild and Delete Bugs like Xp Bug on Pets also Improve the Spawning more faster and better .Make the Game more better Create A new class I suggest it and also Make the pets have more than 3 Evulotion chart make it 4 and make it cooler and bigger I suggest it It could be lvl 150 .Please put Helpful if U agree or Not helpful if U disagree.

why my account doesn't work

Very , very good!
5/5 stars , i like all this game , very funny.

why my account was banned when i play in my laptop.

It's pretty fun. Really slow paced and the controls may take a while to completely figure out, but when you've got it all down, it's a really fun and enjoyable quirky little game.