Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

Sir Coke Or Robby Please Fix MY Acc Banned Locked For PH Access Please UnBanned My Acc IGN:SGT_Mario16 Please.......

why we cant play helmet-heroes pls fix it robby or coke plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

Sir Robby Please UnBanned My Acc IGN SGT_Mario16 sir PLease I Am Pleasing To You I Like This Game Please Sir UnBanned My Acc Sir I am Verry Pleasing to you My Acc Are Locked For PH Access

Hello GM Robby! Can I humbly request for you to unlock my account, which seems to be having trouble logging in due to the message "locked for PH access", which doesn't appear on the past until now. The IGN: BallzShooter, if you need to gather more information, email me at nboregas@gmail.com , I hope for your sincere actions.

Sir Robby Please Unlocked My Acc. Name:jolotimothy01