Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

when i login my account it DISCONNET what the heck?

good game

it's a good game... The only problem is... Everytime I go in to a portal.. I disconnect... can you pls fix this bug or glitch or something?... It's really annoying that I always have to reload the pag to go into a portal... Tnx!

Good stuff hahaha i've literally been playing this game for about 4 years now and i've already reached level 1113 heheh <3 i'm still expecting more updates to come this year and hope we would get more items for level 300-400 players and not just add items that are above 1000+ anyways cheers Rob <3

Really good MMO,its simple and cool,just one problem theres a bug that i put my money at the ATM,and i can withdraw it back,i lost 5,951 in the ATM :(