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Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

Great game, love it.

Unfortunately, I didn't play your game. The graphics looked nice and the music was okay, but I refuse to give out my e-mail just to play a beta of a game. Even if it's an MMO game, It really doesn't belong on here. Good luck to you anyways.

robscherer123 responds:

Entering your email is optional. Perhaps I need to put more emphasis on that during the creation screen though.

Fix the music load error. Make coins and items bound to the player who killed the enemy. Have group killing only work on parties. Create a party system.

You have a decent engine, graphics are below par. Try commissioning an artist to do the animations and items. As long as the hit boxes stay the same your players will thank you.

The glitches and graphics are killing an otherwise good experience.

You should make it so you automatically pick up items because its annoying how you always have to pick it up manually.