Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

Not bad, it needs someway that other players wont steal your loot/exp, areas designed for leveling/loot cause the number of monters is not enough for the number of players, Some kind of big warning before entering pvp not just a small pvp sign, the game is fun but got some flaws but after all this is a Beta, great job and looking forward to see more updates, this got potencial. :)

need some better navigation more quests jobs skils more character development more story other than that i love the regular fighting aspect n the bank early levels hard af but u get used to it by lvl 25 lol loads of chars stealing loot and kills more share exp some dungeons here n there for fast leveling u kno

This game is incredibly racist. Let me quote what one character, wearing a white shirt and "Asian Hat" said:

"Ching chong chow... Some people call us dumb, but we aint dumb. We stupid. It doesn't even make me mad when people talk about us. It just makes me mad. People need to stop."

Excerpting some of what was said (that's what the ... was for) yeah, that's super racist. It's not really an attempted joke, either. It's just bad writing and racism.

And the racism is only a small part of the problem. The game is full of trolls, and frankly, is kind of boring.

robscherer123 responds:

Awe waah

Hard to navigate, Hard to find quests (reminds me of MapleStory) and needs something else too keep people playing this game. I ve played for like 1 and something hours and got bored way to much.. This game is pretty much hard

Oh, cool. Racism.