Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

How are there level 100+ in this game? how long has it been out? because I've been playing for a week and i'm only level 23. It's a fun game, but would be much more fun if a few things were fixed. Mainly what everyone else has said so i wont bore everyone with saying them over.

i love this game but i wish the was a pause and way to get out of beta and that is were the pause button is

There needs to be more banks. Especially in the Arena entrance

well this game is sweet only i strugle with the monsters or there to high or to low and becaus of that high level players farm lower level spots and the lower level players have a hard time maby put some more monsters in it and make it so that there are 1 or 2 server more

Its a good game but there needs to be better drops. Once you get to a higher level the only way to buy anything is to purchase gold. Another thing to add would be when you level up have something pop up telling you what you can wield at that level.