Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

Dear Rob,
There's a portal that leads us to an unconnected server.. Please fix this error.. As i wish to play more.. tq..

robscherer123 responds:

Fixed. I will look into the problem tomorrow so that it does not happen anymore. Thanks for the heads up.

Everything is awesome. But there's so many buggs

One is I was a walking dead(An immortal) with 0 hp walking around killing monsters.
Two there's a portal that eats your character. I end up with the message "Unable to connect to the server" which is very very frustrating because I really wanna play.

Would have given it 5 stars because i love this game, but then when i went to travel to the beach it told me unable to connect to server, refresh page or try again and all that stuff and now if i so much as sign in it gives me that error page. and no it is not my internet because i made a new character and everything was still working fine. fix that bug and i'll see if it will let me re-do the review or make another to give you 5 stars, and please do it soon. i was just getting really into the game.

robscherer123 responds:

Fixed it bro. Sorry about that. I will look into it tomorrow so that it doesn't happen again. Uploading it to newgrounds is my final testing, so you may find a few bugs in it for a few days.

There is a bug near pvp sign at the lowest point on the map it's a shop on the left area, and the right one leads to end portal which you enter and get this message ''UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SERVER reason: Unknown try refreshing the page or try again later. We're sorry for the inconvenience''. Just don't jump there, cause you'll lose your character and won't be able to play anymore, unless the portal is fixed...