Reviews for "Helmet Heroes"

that unfair that after playing so many years to this I stole the account and after recovering it for a few days I was banned, at least this is just a warning not to put so much money into a game, thanks helmet heroes to make known many very good people < 3 Recommended who wants to be ranked at the highest level att: Comunidad EspaƱola

the background if glitchy


This Game is so bad when i will go to robo city server 1 palagi nalang na disconnect please fix this game please please

add updates pls the game is nice but it needs updates anything you think is good to add to the game its fine with me put happy face for a free cookie btw the atm in muushroomvillage or mushvil is broke for me and some of my friends pls fix it btw hi saltypower21 im a lvl 86 and named killer1233gf help WHEN I TRADE AND HIT CONFIRM IT DOES NOT WORK FIX IT help my passworld is changed