Reviews for "Misadventure"

Not very fun

Sorry, but I thought that this would a homage to classic "old school" games like "Venture" that was on Coleco Vision, but instead it turns out to be nothing but a endless series of rooms that do nothing but get on your nerves and make you NOT want to play the game.

I mean room after room you basically have to guess what to do only to find that in the time you spent guessing you die, so you try to do a speed run to get though a room only to find that doing a speed run leads you to yet another death only this time at high speed.

I don't mind the fact that you have no way to defend yourself at the beginning of the game, that's a very minor gripe, but to be killed room after room and have no clue how to get though said rooms--like how would anyone know that the "demon skulls" had to be picked up to block the lighting bolts in one of the first rooms? You just told us that we have to KILL/AVOID the demons.

I'd recommend revamping the idea; make a walkthrough or some kind of manual that at least gives us a clue or some kind of hint to get through the rooms because playing a game over and over, dying in the same room time after time and having to start over from the beginning every time you die does not make for a great game.

eso fue malo

white screen

Lags way too much and only has slightly better graphics than Adventure.