Reviews for "Misadventure"

It's a really, really good game. Simple graphics until obviously all the jumpy shit happens, simple objectives, but a great concept.

What I most love about it is the music and some of the hidden things, like when you loose more lives there's trickles of blood on the wall behind the tv and what not.

Simple, but effective. An amazing game.

To you young newbs, this is based off the Atari game called Adventure. Actually more like a homage to the game. Matzerath, you rock!

hah, that was kinda fun!

It really reminds me of that old Atami games or whatever

The simpler the graphics, the more space for our imagination to work!
Enjoying this! and everything seems to work fine for me. GJ! 5/5 :D

PS: This is a bit of a puzzle.. I wouldn't think it's wrong if it showed up under the tag 'puzzle'.