Reviews for "Misadventure"

What a fun game. It reminds me of those creepypastas where people play haunted video games.

Brilliant game. Requires me to think on my feet, I'm actually gonna send this to some friends because you start off withe a feeling of helplessness and become a mighty warrior through hard work.

This game frekin sucks

not only do I love this game, but its so retro And turned today, its like new, if i have a criticism its that the animatlons are so kool, that I would like one for every fatality, death from a creature, like the two hallway cages with the snake looking thing or the cthulu looking thing cage stages. obviously I havent got far, up to the buff demons the first time, but I would love to see more with more content if I lose since im a fan that sux, like mace the dark age. just something for those that die alot b4 they beat it with some consolation

this game is so scary i so scare