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Reviews for "Three Bullets per Minute"

Wow, that was an adventure. I have gone back to this game time to time in attempts to try to understand it, but I think for the users not quite grasping the idea, there's a tip for those who decide they don't want to come back to it.. If you're excited or are jumpy, this might not be the game for you.. it is indeed a bit slow paced, kinda gradual really.

It's kind of you just sort of flow into it. for me it took about 5 times to really get the gist.. other times I was like "does this ever actually end?" Moreover, I think I just like the look. The way the enemies, they're enemies? Dance around. The way the levels are built.. The way the levels are ... recycled.. and the dance the enemies make. The player, all about business. just doing a non-malicious walk, just doing his thing, just wants to get by.

Makes you wonder who the enemy and who the friends are here because clearly, I would want to be friends with both of them. But the objective of the game isn't to shoot the wavemen and waveladies, or even the generator blocks, but to make each bullet count and garner the patience to proceed through. You've got three of them every minute... I'm pretty sure they accrue over time too. The trick is the bullet doesn't stop when you hit an "enemy?" it keeps going.. Just in case you don't want to decide for yourself. So instead of blowing through the 3 pieces of ammo the moment you get them, hold onto them, try different angles. When done right it sort of acts more like a puzzle. One that ignites your soul if you give it a chance. One worth the wait and patience and following through to the end. I just have to say it's worth it, I'm looking at it now.

But yeah, when I first played it I thought wow this is a take on "insert this typical game name here" but with what you're given and the way it flows, well, it's really not. I've seen reviews saying it might need music, or more effects, but I don't know. I think it's quaint the way it is.. Like I couldn't wrap my head around envisioning anything else.

And I can't even wrap my head around finishing this game because it's not quite my style and I'm normally not patient enough to go through an ordeal like this. But these have been nullified through the passage of time, the gameplay is almost tough as nails at first but in a fair way and I can't think of anything else to stack on top of it aside from a longer intro because sometimes those intros are the best part of clicking on these games. The relevance isn't here though, it's that they're spread out through all them, I just hope if another game pops up more of them are presented.

But yeah, take your time with this one as difficult as it is for even me to say and, well, come back later because it's not like you'll lose anything by doing that but replaying a couple levels which will be easier when coming back, and .. you'll be rewarded.