Reviews for "Ultimate Gear War"

Excellent game! Love it! Passed 19 levels and can't get past final level unfortunately. But the game was overall, excellent.

Good game, but some bugs and at level 2 you CANNOT kill the enemies before they destroy the base just because you don't have enough money to buy a better weapon ....

it really is good, but you should be able to go back to your profile after you beat level 20 without losing any money. I had to fail ON PURPOSE to find out what the last level was. And the difficulty is hard because of so many monsters, but its easy to defeat them all with the skills and upgrades and stuff. Speaking of that, the shop was really great, Except that you should have everything be different in money. (I know that only happens in the skills category, but still) And the most useful weapon in my opinion in the game is the Machine gun (My favorite XD). Overall, this is a really great game but with a few flaws. 4 stars for you :)

thank you for the conveniently placed mute button. your music is fine, i just prefer to listen to youtube/etc and have been fed up with unmuteable games recently. That said, i think this game would be vastly improved by one minor change... make it so that you can buy whichever gun at whatever point of the game so long as you have enough money. This allows for actual strategy and difference in gameplay from attempt to attempt, and that way i could skip certain guns which i found ineffective. good work!

how can i use skills?