Reviews for "Ultimate Gear War"

i played through normal mode and it was far to easy good attempt though...however maybe branch the weapons out ie the shotgun can get the knockback, stun and more bullet etc and the machine gun get ammo and fire rate upgrade all gun having all abilities was far to overpowered... it became easy when i got the machine gun and second suit mixed with pierce and poison it wasnt to bad but then became very easy with quad bullet. you could do something suit upgrade such as HP, defence, reload etc would have been nice

Is fun but a little to easy

Way to easy. Upgrade system needs some work to, at the bare minimum you need to add the ability to upgrade the guns themselves not to mention the fact that the skills are far to cheap.
-getting quadruple money skill took about 5-6 minutes- than the rest of the game is pretty pointless sinse it's all to easy after that.

nice, but waaaay~ to easy.

it looks good to play =)