Reviews for "Ultimate Gear War"

it really is good, but you should be able to go back to your profile after you beat level 20 without losing any money. I had to fail ON PURPOSE to find out what the last level was. And the difficulty is hard because of so many monsters, but its easy to defeat them all with the skills and upgrades and stuff. Speaking of that, the shop was really great, Except that you should have everything be different in money. (I know that only happens in the skills category, but still) And the most useful weapon in my opinion in the game is the Machine gun (My favorite XD). Overall, this is a really great game but with a few flaws. 4 stars for you :)

Fun enough, weapons feel fun to shoot, enemies blow up well.

Although the multiplicative power-ups (4x damage, 4x shots at the same time) mean that the rapid-fire weapons are definitely over-powered compared to the slower-firing, more powerful weapons. Also, the enemy waves could be a bit more creative. Every time it starts with a wave of weaker aliens, then it progresses through alien types always in the same order. The last 3 waves are always the same in later missions -a bunch of blue guys, a bunch of tank guys, then a bunch of flyers. Why not tanks and fliers at the same time, for example?

Why the 1 and 2 keys to choose weapons? You never have more than two, you should just have a single weapon switch button.

As one of the other reviewers said, why not add a bit of a story?

The base protection games are getting a bit repetitive. Twas fun the first time around, but now... the point is drifting away a bit. Maybe if there was a storyline involved? Or medals to reward accomplishment? Keep it going!


The games 8,no are very good for making games but this game no its good

This game just sucks it's to quick to easy and really annoying as soon as games8 can make a good version of this i'll be happy.