Reviews for "Ultimate Gear War"

good game but i agree with most in saying it gets too easy really fast

Meh. It was pretty fun. But after a few minutes, you get over-powered pretty quickly. And then there's not much of a challenge. Decent game though.

Decent game... same enemies over and over again... Got so easy after like the 10th level i just sat there clicking the whole time with no real challenge whatsoever. Needs more upgrades, better enemies, more challenging enemies... like super fast with low health etc... not just the same enemies with a little beefed up health each time.

Agreed with review below (Prismwind). The difficult curve definitely needs fixing. I had the best gear very quickly and there's nothing to it once you're quadrupling your damage with an ion cannon by level 10. Decent concept but definitely needs work.

Needs a way to reload before out of ammo. Also... the difficult curve seems off. It was hard at first, then easy for awhile with Pierce and Stun skills and the first outfit. Then my cash ballooned with the Money skill and within 3 stages I had all the best gear in the game by level 11 or 12. And it was just easy from there, no real challenge or strategy.