Reviews for "Ultimate Gear War"

absolutely fell in in love with this game first time i played it! I would like to see a second one made with more gun slots other than that its awesome!

IT IS VERY EASY FROM The8games but I had never see good game like this from The8games

I dont know why I see people complaining about the game dificulty. If it is too easy to beat, just play few levels to get money and get, penetration then, the money skill. After there, is piece of cake. Awsome game, easy tho'

Not sure why you're getting hate, hope that gets worked out. All the people that complain how some of your games are impossible to beat, I have no idea what they're talking about. Most of them just takes a little thought and effort.

As for the game, the delay for nade launcher/rocket is too long, maybe half it. When you replay after dying you keep the money you accumulated, not sure if that's on purpose or not but makes the game too easy. Stationary hero is pretty bland, let awsd control to move him on top of his base. Let the double, triple, quad shots stack instead of just overriding. Pretty much almost all the skills are OP. Separate them and make them weaker and let the hero equip more than 3.

The game on hard difficulty was easy mode. Got to around the 8th or 9th level, sold everything except most recent gun, and bought the the last upgrade for damage/reload and flew through the rest of the game.

Best game i've played from thegame8. So here's a generous half-star.