Reviews for "Ultimate Gear War"

i mean, good time waster, but got boring fast once you got rage. put that shit with pierce and forget it. mince meat outta everything. that one laser that pierces murdered all boss monsters as they got on screen, though did very lil dmg when they were fully on screen. i recommend the treasure bag when you can afford it, cuz opens up everything quick. do it right after rage. pierce is also awesome.

not a 4 star game

Things I despise about this game:

- Have to buy guns in the order they are displayed. At first I thought this was a glitch!
- Only about 5 enemy types, leads to challenge being placed upon swarms of bad guys
- As the above is true, certain skills (such as the pierce ability) break the game
- No ability to reload before clip is empty
- Lack of guns
- Lack of variety in the guns
- No variation in game play (ei: no allies, no different locations, no different music, nothing.)
- Unbalanced difficulty means the game is too hard at the start, and too easy at the end
- Not enough items to spend money on at the shop
- No medals?!

Things I liked about this game:

-The music in the shop/gear menu
-Some guns were very fun to use

Overall this game is not worth your time especially with far superior games such as The Last Stand, and The Last Stand 2.

I do agree that this game may be nothing new but i thought it was somewhat challenging, the music kinda got annoying after a while. It seems more of a kid game age 7-12

I'm playing as I type this on level 12. I am just waiting for enemies to come closer and it just seems like a waste of time. Fun first couple levels, but once you get the money bag skill the game becomes slow.