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Reviews for "Betty IX"

i just beat the game *including the overlord mastermind things* and i must say it was quite enjoyable all the way through.

as for why i didnt give it a 5 star rating, i felt that the upgrade system could use some work, i couldnt tell if the 1% boosts were doing anything for the most part. as for firing speed, it seemed to max out rather quickly.

other than that the bosses were good, and the difficulty curve was fair.

i found the shield enemies annoying but of course that is the purpose of them. so good job on that. perhaps a few extra enemy types would make the game more interesting?

i compare most "upgrade space shooters" with enigmata, mostly due to the very in depth upgrade system, and achievements.

keep up the good work. you created a very enjoyable game.

A very nice game indeed, but it would benefit from adding a few more enemy types (including ground enemies and turrets) and some more weapons. It seems a bit unnecessary that the sidekicks autoupgrades during missions, they should be upgradeable from the upgrade menu. Maybe some lasers and auto guided missiles? The artifacts are a smart addition, but it takes a bit too long to get all parts.
However, I will play this game more. I like it.

I am reluctantly giving this a 3.5 but I don't know if I should go a star higher or lower. The game is fun enough. But slow. Even on Interesting and fast. But even worse, the scrolling of the achievements is slow. I want to see my progress toward getting some achievements and to get through all the COMFY achievements takes forever since it scrolls REALLY slow. It is also stupid there there are some that I will never get because there is no way I am goign to grind MORE in COMFY level just to kill more enemies. The slowness of this is one of those things that makes me think the some game developers don't PLAY their own games. I mean play the whole game, not just to test for bugs. I just don't see how someone can release a game that is so slow and think it is ready for the masses.

It's really a good game, but it feels grindy and becomes boring because the level stages are too long... I played through Comfy difficulty, and finished up untill level 11 in Interresting difficulty.

I am curious about the alien artifacts and the locked levels I don't have access to yet ....but I just can't bring myself to got through the whole game again just for that x_x

Overall it's a nice game.