Reviews for "Silly Chicken"

I enjoyed this game, but there were a lot of things wrong with it.

There were a lot, and I mean A LOT, of glitches near the tutorial area.

Gameplay- The gameplay was good for the most of the game, but on the final boss the controls were laggy as hell!

Puzzles- The puzzles were simple enough, apart from the first puzzle involving two cow copters. The third cow's position was downright cruel and made the puzzle consume a lot more time thanit should have.

Graphics- The graphics were nothing special, but they weren't bad...I suppose.

Enemies- The enemies were simple enough. Cows, Suicide cows, Floating cow head boss, Cow cannons, The cow AA gun and the Cow copters.

Eggy responds:

Not sure what kind of glitches near the tutorial area?

Now that's cute. The graphics are really nice and the controls are solid. I noticed you used some of the sprites from Smithy's Quest, and the cows look quite familiar too. I really wasn't a fan of the sound - the effects were repetitive as hell and the music likewise.

The gameplay was pretty solid. As I said, the controls are smooth, although I wish there was a small indicator to tell players when they could set another bomb, and also a timer on the bomb, since I screwed up a few times because I couldn't time the bombing quite right. The game did get pretty hard, but I liked that you could respawn every level, making it much easier. It also felt kind of like a puzzle game as a result.

The minigames were a mixed bag. I thought the typing minigame was hilarious, but the Pokemon battle was lame and simplistic and the final boss pissed me off because of how horrible the controls were. It took me way too long to figure out I was really just tapping left and right and firing constantly.

Overall this game is fun, but considering how short it is, it could stand to have a level editor, and perhaps a bit more polish. For a 2013 game, this seems quite dated.

Eggy responds:

I like your reviews on all my stuff Kwing. Some of the graphics are being reused a bit lately because I'm having trouble getting new artists :(

I'm glad you liked the chat bit, wasn't sure how that would go down.

Cheers for the overall review.

such an incredible fucking game, holy shit, I've never enjoyed forcefully chatting up a chicken more, this game deserves at least 5 stars if not 99999999

Eggy responds:

Why thank you. You love the chicken chat :)