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Reviews for "Pretentious Game 2"

I know its supposed to be ironic but I was bored as hell

Oh my Gosh!
This is simple Game has surpassed itself!
It's just a cube, but I can feel the hurt.
His broken love, his new love, his death.
He have to change himself and find a way to cope with it.

-The Gameplay is good.
-The Control is easy to manage.
-The love story is cute and sad.
-You can feel the feelings of the cube (o.O)
-The music is sad and fits in.

-The Cube is so slow that it's bored.
-It's short.
-Not more...

I've never played a game like this, so many feelings, so sad...
I am almost crying !FOR A CUBE!.
Nice Game. I like it.

Armor games strikes again with a simple, yet marvelous game that combines romance, a good gameplay and shows that you don't need complex characters for a successful game.

10/10 "Perfect"

Very different! Which I like :) I personally wouldn't play it all the time but not bad for a one or two time thing. I liked it but I got stuck a few times and I definitely would agree with the review that it is still a better love story than twilight :P

Is it just me, or do all of these lesson games end in paradox?

Great game!! it's fascinating how you can explain a massive issue through an abstract flash game. I love how it teaches us all something. Gameplay isn't so great, but I still loved it.