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Reviews for "Pretentious Game 2"

i think some people are taking this game too serious
i liked it anyway
all that matters lol

Loved the Erik Satie. Like LazyBoyGames, I think this is meant more to be satire than anything. It was a good way to kill 10 minutes.

Boring, nothing new or exciting at all. I'd assume from the title that this was meant to make fun of 'deep' games with terrible gameplay and art, but the first game ended up using the phrase "Pretentious Game" as part of the narrative, so I think you're actually trying to create something emotional. It's not emotional at all, to say the least. I can't possibly develop a connection for such bland characters(well, one character and some squares that were referred to as if they were characters), unlike, say, "The Company of Myself", a similar game that manages to better in every way.

On the bright side, the music is rather nice.

I love people that don't even read the title of the game, and think this is made to be taken seriously.

Anyway, I love the humor. I hate playing all of these halfhearted games that just put these uncreative narratives over them, and everyone in the comments is like "Uhhh, soooo deeeep! 5 stars"

Still all of these awful clones spawned from very original games, that had very good stories, especially for flash games. Examples would be "The Company of Myself" and "Coma"

Anyway it was a very humorous game much like the first. I enjoyed playing it, and congratulations on the ArmorGames sponsorship.

As a fan of the first game, I am surprised to see a sequel. After playing this game, I would say that you did a fine job at continuing the ideas of the first game.

Now, I gotta point out some flaws. Early on, you missed good opportunities to let the game's narrative and the gameplay itself work as one. For example, "learning new skills, like wall jumping." It just creates a disconnect, having it say "learn new skills" and then having arrows suggest what to do like in other parts of the game without words would have been more immersive for the experience.

And the line "drag her out of my mind" did not need "use mouse" to get the idea across. Let the player figure it out themselves, like they did with the muting of the music, or crushing the ego.

Overall, I did like this game. The ending was a surprise, and you were able to explore interesting themes by continuing the narrative of the first game. If you choose to make a third game in the series, or try to make another game with similar gameplay mechanics, try to give the player more trust in figuring out puzzles themselves.

Good work.