I've seen one of her videos once, I raged so hard.
Thanks for this.

you crossed the streams! no wounder the demon's there at the end

MadameMochete responds:

YES someone noticed! Well its the only way to kill the purest of evil like at the ending of the movie when they cross streams!

I was super confused watching this, so I had to google this venusangelic person....she looks like a 12 year old, but you made her look much older than that. Also, I'm pretty sure Ryu parts his hair on the other side. Amusing stuff!

MadameMochete responds:

Dude her mother is making her pose as a 14 year old when she is 17!

Soooo basically Ryu and Rufus beat the shit out of a weeaboo who then turns into a demon and use the proton packa against it

It's official this is the weirdest thing I've seen all week

Another super flash for the archive! Great design, and dark humor. Found myself choking back laughter to not wake up my sister.