Reviews for "Berathen Detective Demo"

Oh ma gawd, it looks like rpgmaker.

As said before the game moves very slowly this needs to be sorted out cos it does look nice and is interesting just so slow to play people will get bored quick

Venks responds:

Yeah. My game runs a lot faster on my own computer and the ones I tested, but yeah I can see now it runs pretty poorly on others. I'll have to figure that out.

Theres 2 things what I want to point out.
1.Charecters are moving really slowly. It cant be skipped either unlike dialog.
2.Theres no real challence in this game. Those suspects are just horrible at lying.
Othervise it was really enjoyable.

Venks responds:

Sorry about that! I'm still working on balancing difficulty for players with varying playing styles. Some people find my game too hard believe it or not. ^^;

so Dahlee murdered Rocky..

I found it somewhat entertaining but for some reason I got stuck at the part where you have to show evidence to contradict what the woman was saying.

Venks responds:

You got stuck? Was it a bug with the game or were you just not sure which evidence you should present?