Reviews for "Berathen Detective Demo"

a mute button would be really nice.
also it's obnoxiousness when the screen keeps shaking so please limit how many times you make it do that.
otherwise it was great.

Venks responds:

Sorry about the shaking. I'll definitely be making that a more mild thing in the future.
Also the mute button is 0.

It kind of just stopped accepting inputs after the guy told me to get out and prepare the girls defense and Im not sure if thats the end of the demo or not. Either way Im looking forward to seeing the rest of this game.

Venks responds:

Ah I'm very sorry. That's not quite the end of the demo. I've had one other person experience that problem and I thought I fixed it. I'll go back to the drawing board and figure out how to patch that up. Thank you so much for pointing this out!

Excellent job there. I wish i could play more but i still loved the demo. The examination and the questions are impeccable.

Venks responds:

Thanks so much for playing! I'm glad you found the examination so enjoyable. And don't worry I will be making more content in the near future for sure.

Loved it!
Especially that little bit with the cross examination thing.
And man, Apples is precious.

Venks responds:

Thanks for playing my game!
Glad you enjoyed the cross examination. I plan to have much longer and more cases in the main game.
And it's good to hear you enjoyed Apples! I really enjoy him myself.

Great! I love it! I love the characters! some of them are pretty funny! XD anyway, Awsome game, dude!

Venks responds:

Awesome stuff! Thanks for playing my game! Glad you like the characters. I had a lot of fun writing their dialogue.