Reviews for "Berathen Detective Demo"

It is not possible to solve who did it. I used every possible evidence on Dahlee but nothing works. Together with the slow speed, it is just frustrating.

.... Clare? Teresa? .... Claymore reference?

Very nice job! I love how you mixed RPG Maker with Flash.
However, the flashing and shaking seems a little overdone, to the point where it can get old really fast. Maybe you should lower it down a bit? Not everyone has to make the screen shake when they're angry!
Other than that, a very nice and fun game, and also pretty challenging at some points. :)

Great game and graphics. Need to walk faster. Waiting a full version. :D

This game is great! I'd like an option to click through the dialogue faster, and a little less of the flashyflashy-shakeyshakey xD
I enjoyed the FIND THE TRUTH game play, and showing up the other exorcist. :D
I'd love to play the rest of it when it's done. :)

Venks responds:

Thanks so much! I'm still working on the full game. If you'd like I can send you a link when the game is finished.