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Reviews for "BZH: Candy Wishes"

any chance of us to see more of that soon?

Baby Zombie Hitler... there could never be a better idea.

When you watch shows that parody historic figures,you can't help but wonder,"What would the person being made fun of think of this?"If Hitler himself saw this,he'd probably have the creators assassinated and their families sent to camps for the rest of their lifes.I personally never could have thought of a better way to remember one of history's greatest villains.Perhaps Hitler really was like this when he was a baby.One can't help but wonder what Mr.Narrator's employer wanted with B.Z.H.We might find out should this be lucky enough to have a sequel or two.

I wanted to comment that the he looked like Hitler. but I'm happy the mystery is solved at the end. I love the wickedness of this animation ;)

Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that was TOTALLY n0t w3ird