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Reviews for "Bertie the Butcher"

Good game man...from this music I thought you were the same guy who made the game Infection...I think that what it was called...and the way of the game is kinda similar to that one...but this one was simpler...
Hope you make more good simple games. :)

The game was good, enjoyed the music, would have liked more upgrades but they were good. The randomness of the NPC's made it a bit harder to calculate, but at the same time made it much more fun, and and interesting. Had to be able to think on your feet as you moved. enjoyed the game, and would like to see more stealth games.

Great game, though the dame mincraft (codes) are FAKE, it's only 20 dollars guys, AND you can get a code for it at any store, so why would you risk a virus for a free minecraft even though you won't get it, seriously...

great game. I love how the music is also in infectonator 1 and 2, and how thes 3 gamesare all about death. :o

My inner psychopath is saying he loves it. lol