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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

On the second mission based on the first i assumed food, water, and power would be important initially. How silly of me. I used all my resources to build these and hook them up, only to learn I only had 2 water (it was the only water location i could see at all) and I still couldn't produce food (it takes 3), and control center produced power anyway. I now didn't have enough components to build a metal collector and a components creator so i needed to pay exponentially high fees to finally get them both up and running. Throughout this time i was producing no food or oxygen, and just as I got my collector running my last person left from lack of one or the other. I was forced to buy new people and try to quickly get them to finish the last piping on a water producing station i built in a new location that would actually be enough to produce anything. Instead my people wandered around collecting crystals until I assigned them to building them, they left, i bought new people, assigned them duties and i could finally produce oxygen and food.

Great game, couldn't stop playing it, had to finish it all. I liked all the components of it.

This game REALLY has its goods and bads. It's a decent strategy game, you can screw up a lot but it's not done too hard. However, I see two big problems. One, the tutorial is really bad. OK, the person who wrote the tutorial did a good job at making the tutor seem realistic, however, some points just weren't explained. For example, at one point, I had a metal factory and a components factory and suddenly, both stopped working, despite being online, for no obvious reason. Both had power, the metal factory was standing on resources... this is just something that shouldn't happen, that has to be fixed. This game is promising but it needs some more work.

it's an OK game but the overall stupidity of the colonist's AI dumbfounds me sometimes yes I know it is pretty hard to improve that but seriously their decision making on where to put the resources they have and I am guessing they think what is the stupidest and least productive job i could do right now that i have been assigned, and then they do it. sure that can be fixed by changing the jobs manually but come on they are supposed to be scientists but they act retardedly though my review covers only the major negative in your game it doesn't mean you get a bad score from me i still liked the game just get annoyed with those idiots sometimes if you could improve the AI which i know would be insanely difficult i would give you a 5/5

Outpost, anybody?