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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

Like so many games here on Newgrounds: Great concept, piss poor implementation.

"* Set up jobs for each colonist at "JOBS" window. It's not necessarily, but can make your colony and colonists more effective."
Completely ineffective. My minions are running around mining, shooting and gathering even though those jobs are turned off for everyone, and NO ONE is building even though there is TONS of things to build. Then the entire colony collapses because no one will build the necessities.

Fix the AI or ditch the game. Don't push out a half-assed game.

I'm hooked. I'm impressed with how you've successfully made each level just a little more difficult and give resources at the start that seem to allow for a most successful order of adding people and buildings.

The things that keep me from rating it 5 stars:
1) I'd like a way to speed up play
2) I'd like more control over the people while still having the command to fight (as in stopping them from going on raids but leaving them defending themselves if they get attacked).
3) Sometimes the resources get picked up and never dropped off (or so it seams maybe I just need your advice or to play more). I've learned to add only buildings I have resources for but then the resources disappear before the building is completed. It seems 50% of the time it might be due to repairs when a disaster comes through. (Reading your fixes it might be the colonist getting hungry bug and already fixed).

All in all. Good Job!

I like this game and it has potential to be awesome but i cant get past lvl 2. Not cause its hard or cause the game is buggy but its because the "f" button dont work. And this addition of the f button was something i was looking forward to. please fix this and i will enjoy it more instead of breaking my "s" key

Its a good game... just rising the price for " Hire Workers" is a tad to high. Before the price changed for the Hire Workers, it was just fine. After redoing level 3, could not get enough workers to collect material and take boxes of goods to the factories. So i could not complete collecting all the components in time.

Preety good game. A few more upgrades would be nice. Also your colonists should get positive perks for leveling up, not jsut hp and dmg.

@flamwolf: I won the third level on the second try, you just give up to easily. Build and upgrade a few bunkers. But I DO agree that you need a retreat button. A lot of my people died because of stupid attacks against 3 pirates.