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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

Erm, Not bad really liked it felt as if it was out of place at some points but good gameplay, also the quality is nice but a toggle would be good in case someone doesn't have the specs to run the HQ.

Also i did have to lean forward at times because i have sight problems and at times the game itself was a bit to small for me (I need glasses which i refuse to wear.)

So making a zoom or resize option would be nice to.

5/5 though good game.

Best regards,

Chaos114. :)

A pretty damn awesome game with charm. My only gripe with it is the tiny screen and interface. I had to lean forward into my screen to feel comfortable.

Poorly made. I ran into what appears to be a structure limit in terms of getting resources. After a certain number of pipes and buildings are made the colonists stop building.

quality toggle, please!

I disagree with surf dude, I made sure everyone had specific tasks, and that no more than three were active and everything got done in a timely manner, good game, this is going in my saved favs for later, Im enjoying the almost sandbox like feel and free form building possibilities, and trying to nail down all of the resources is fun and challenging, good work sir, continue the excellent work *salutes and carries on with the mission*