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Reviews for "Mars Colonies Demo"

Good game. love the concept, as said though needs work to the pipe system and a full screen option. next one will be better if you do this.

the pipes dont work so none of my buildings get power and nothing works

this is awesomely sim city.... tips for better playability
1. change colors for each resource, blue squares for where to connect the water pipes and a yellow square to show where to connect electricity.
OTHERWISE just allow any square adjacent to the building to 'accept' the pipe or water.
2. georadar needs a legend, i have no idea what the upside down triangles are vs the spherical thingy

allow better building rules, or what have you, i had to wait around for a colonist to fix a single pipe for ever...even in fast mode. the bugger never came, allow us to FORCE jobs immediately on the colonists

This game is so tiny and does not increase in size with my browser, this equals no fun

the graphics are epic, the concept is epic, the complexity is epic, but the colonists are all retards.
level 4, i got reduced to one dude named sebastian smiley, and he kept trying to mine this one crystal right next to a crazy colonist spawnpoint. he'd bring the materials over, he'd see a crazy colonist, the materials would disappear, he'd kill the crazy colonist, and have to go back to base toget more materials. by the time he returned, there would be another crazy colonist, and the materials would disappear again, hed kill the crazy colonist, go bak 2 base, etc, etc. make the colonists less retarded and ill give another star.