Reviews for "Narutoe Shitpoodamn"

The humor seems a bit forced in some parts. The cock-n-balls crater formation seemed to be a bit of a foreshadowing to that. I feel like there are cocks placed here just for the sake of, although the cock sharingan did not seem to offend all that much. Subtle gags like Sai's dripping paintbrush and the anus on Naruto's jacket (well, that one is not so subtle) were worth a chuckle. Also, I know the english dub of the show has received criticism for the "believe it" bit Naruto always says that has become the butt-of-all Naruto related gags, but this flash would flow a whole lot better if that bit was tossed. Again, seems like an obligatory gag. But just like cock-n-balls, it isn't.

Animation wise, this is really good. Lip syncing seems a bit off as far as mouth shapes. For example, Naruto saying the word "back" in, "Sausage, why won't you come back to the village with us," has a "D" shape to it rather than a "B" shape. I know anime doesn't focus on mouth shapes, but it seems a bit inconsistent when mouth shapes are correct (not to mention well executed) and incorrect in the same sentence. But for the most part, the animator has the lip syncing and mouth formations nailed. Shading and background art looks good as well.

Overall, some of the humor presented here makes me not like this flash as much as I would like to. But it still shows that effort was put into making this and for that I say good work!

God It's so true! I've began to hate Naruto because of that bullshit, I know the Anime gives you a message to not give up your friends, but seriously Naruto doesn't see that SASUKE DOESN'T WANT TO COME BACK!? Sas doens't listen to reason! Another: Ninjas aren't supposed to be stealth assassins? That work at NIGHT!? I mean, heck, the begining of the Anime was preety cool, and stuff, the concepts and all. But there is too much fillers...and non-sense battles, with non-sense stuff on it like, that rapper ninja(THIS DOESNT EXIST!) fighting with Sasuke for the first time. When you tihkn he's going to draw a weapon or something, he pulls a pen and writes a poem(just to rhyme. part of it). And revenge on Sakura on that cartoon hahahaah :D.

Epic Head band xDD

Heh, Sausage....

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This is awesome. Who ever hates this because their favorite character got beaten the hell out of. Is a little bitch. Pointing Below V