Reviews for "Narutoe Shitpoodamn"

I watched this with an Ultimate Naruto ad.

lol so funny hahaha

Omg, you should totally make a naruto vs neji animation. lol, just think about it. "you think that anyone can become hokagay, of all the shinobi in al the world, think how few ever become gay. It's not something that you can become just by trying."- neji "why fight a hopeless battle trying to defy your destiny"-neji "Because people call me straight, i'll prove them wrong"-naruto. Basically the fight happens and naruto at the end hits neji in the jaw with his dick. His dick so happens to be empowered by the 9 tails chakara making it huge. The whole battle basically takes out many quotes, and replaces them with rewording like, "so don't come whining to me about this destiny stuff, and stop trying to tell me you can't change that your straight, you can do it too, because after all your not a fa***." I think that this would be the most funny frickin shat ever! Also, your animation is great, plus this so close to the actual scene and yet so hilarious. Five stars for you. XD

lol narutoes face is funny!

Holy crap I <3 this video!! XD