Reviews for "POOPER"

5 stars for the convenience of my girlfriend complaining about Red'n'Green 2 cannon sounds like taking a shit.

rhys510 responds:

XD thanks!

It was... surprisingly... good.
Played it several times over.
Discovered Nyan Cat on first play and thought... what is that a power up? Got one medal (good poo).
Ate the cat on second play, died too fast...
Played third time... long run, got great and amazing poo medals. Very happy. Almost reached 190 points... was 2 short...
Next, the build up meter at the beginning, even by pressing left and right, it does not build up much, in fact, its decreasing faster than it builds! When I used both hands and rapidly tapped left and right on the keyboard with great speed, I got the meter about 3/4 the way there. Gave up the fourth time.
Lastly, the music for the game and various scenes was great. The style and humor was, decent. The gameplay, good. Replay value, very little. In all, very good. I liked this.

rhys510 responds:

thanks for the well thought out comment very helpfull to lnow what others think of my games :P

Screw it... This gets 5 stars. I am allowed to like childish things!!!!!!!

rhys510 responds:

awesome!!! thanks :D

About as cut and paste and generic as you can get.

rhys510 responds:

id never cut n paste XD

Too easy. And after playing this game, my room smells like crap, and I have to take a huge dump...and I just ate Taco Bell.

rhys510 responds:

oooooh lord lol