Reviews for "POOPER"

after a while it gets pretty boring and fairly simplistic. Not the best tossing game out there. I would try something with more content, upgrades, maybe more direcitons for increased difficulty, etc.

rhys510 responds:

it was a mini game so im not working on it anymare but thanks for the suggestions :P

To those complaining about button mashing, you can hold the spacebar...
I enjoyed it, and was satisfied with my top 20 score.

How to play this in real life:
1: Buy way too much taco bell
2: Bring it home and drop an unholy amount of acid
3: Take laxatives and then eat all the Taco Bell in one sitting

rhys510 responds:

Wooh yea! :D

it gets pretty repetitive and boring.

Mashing the right and left keys don't really work.
You have to click them firmly and slower that most people are used to.

rhys510 responds:

yaa i see :P

BOOM BABY 1,087 points

rhys510 responds:

Wow thats some tallent you have there :O

It was fun, but I think you should do something abut the button bashing It was very difficult. I really don't want to ruin my keyboard. I suggest you make an eaier alternative.

rhys510 responds:

dont bash your buttons lol XD