Reviews for "POOPER"

This game was shitty ;D

rhys510 responds:

X) lol

A good laugh to play around with, but all around too easy. I got Nyan Cat within 15 secons of playing, and from there, well...

It was Poop Sailing for me.

rhys510 responds:

XD nyan cat is a rare spawn ... you got lucky my friend :P

Anyone else just play this and suicide because it got so boring?
Nice game and all but VERY tiring after you reach about 150 points. I think it should of started off pretty fast so its more challenging and entertaining to keep playing.

rhys510 responds:

I could put in a harder mode maybe?

A really addicting game and I like the Easter egg with Nyan Cat. Great job! :D

rhys510 responds:

Thanks! :P

It's a pretty simple game that has a number of issues.
1: I noticed you can still fill your poo bar after your timer is done.
2: The game lags horribly each time I press the space bar... I even tried lowering the quality and while the lag wasn't as sever it still hurt the games pace.
3: You could use some kind of instruction screen to tell the player what to grab and what not to grab. I didn't realize TP and Plungers where bad until it's too late.

You could do so much more with this to make it better...

rhys510 responds:

All good points but these issues cant be resolved at the moment but thanks for the feedback :P