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Reviews for "The Cop Jazz Hour"

Best game ever!!

Awesome, one of the few logics games that the animation is just cool as the puzzles are. Love it.

Pretty damn decent game! The plot drags on quite a bit, perhaps condense the storyline, it doesn't seem like the gameplay can become epic enough to counterbalance that =/ The dialogue is kinda funny, but not very 1920's; maybe it's just me expecting something more vaudeville? The puzzles themselves are well crafted, though =) requires logic, but not too much thought, it makes for a very good quick exercise in deductive reasoning. Graphics are just fine for this genre, so no complaints there. But who the hell is smacking O'Keefe all the time?

Pretty freaking difficult, I love it. I found a bug though. You can use your two hints, save and quit, continue, your chart will be the same, but you'll have the two hints again. Then you can just continue doing that and solve all the puzzles without having to even look at a single clue.

Just the kind of puzzles I enjoy the most. I would have loved to solve even more of these.