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Reviews for "The Cop Jazz Hour"

Awesome, one of the few logics games that the animation is just cool as the puzzles are. Love it.

Best game ever!!

Good logic puzzles... nice time-consuming brain workout.
But as others noted, switching between clues is clunky - and no, it wasn't obvious in the game about using arrows to switch.
And the in-between transition scenes are just a little too long and slow.

The game is a bit difficult. I'm still stuck on the first puzzle and unable to figure out anyone's last names yet. Thanks for the comment about switching between clues using the arrow keys though, it makes it much easier to deal with it that way.

Like the classic logic puzzles in game form, but the story was mostly uninteresting and switching between puzzle grid and clues can be a bit clunky. Overall, a good game though.

duwease responds:

Thanks! Did the game do a good job of making you aware that you can use the arrow keys to change clues without having to go to the solution menu? I worry that this information is not provided prominently enough.