Reviews for "Ninja Action"

Very nice job, dex. Thank you for shaing your talent. =)

loving the humour in amongst the violences top notch :P. loved the graphics and music and the fact he got slightly injured along the way.

This is awesome!

I took the time to read all 54 pages worth of comments, and only 2 people talked about the number 1 thing I saw the most in here... KILLER INSTINCT! Yeah, I saw Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, Metal Gear, every Jackie Chan and Jet Li movie ever made, Bruce Lee's tenacity with Chuck Norris's steel nutsack, Karate Kid, BattleToads, Fist of the North Star, early Dragonball (not Z or GT), and SO much other stuff, but only 2 people mentioned Killer Instinct. Every time he started whooping ass at Mach 1 speed, I was constantly picturing the narrator/announcer from K.I. going "ULTRAAAA! ULTra! Ultra! ultra! ult...!"

Also, a few people were talking about how the people fly around too easily and how fast he moves. Remember, this was based off of VIDEO GAMES, there was no "weight" factor. You could send a guy 50 times your size flying into space with a well placed Chuck Norris roundhouse kick to the face (or kneecap if the guy was that big in comparison). Or for that matter, any of the Toads could make their body parts half the size of the screen and send people on a one way trip to a black hole.

Everything in this animation is right. I've watched it numerous times but never commented on it because I had no idea what to say for how hard this movie rocks epic balls. You sir, are already a Newgrounds classic legend in my book. I'd love to see you collaborate with Tom, Dan, Johnny, Rice, DeathInk, Evil-Dog, Sexual-Lobster, Gonzo, etc etc, and come up with a game that would DESTROY the fabric of reality as we know it.

Title- Castle Crashers 2: The Return of the Coming of Death-Tank-Knight Raptor Jesus.

that long animation. rate 5 stars.