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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

Several things made me favorite this:
1. How the dude sees the television antenna and is like "Hey, we could watch soccer with that!" And the others like, "Dude, we are fighting a friggin NINJA! Priorities.
2. How the punk does a whole routine of cheesy fight moves, and the Ninja is just, like,
"Whatever, I can do the moonwalk, N00B!!!"
3. How he's thinks, "F*** this, I'll let the fat dude do my work.
4. How he stops to actually pay the little girl-twice.
5. How the little girl pulls out a gun and kills an enemy-and receives 5 cents for her work.
6. How the guard is just listening to music, so the Ninja cuts his cord.
7. How another guard is like, "I don't care that you just walked in here with a sword, You're tracking in dust!"
8. How the guy with wolverine hands just does this funky little dance in the corner at one point.
9. How the guy and the girl Ninjas each have dreams about eachother. . .beating eachother up
10. When he catches the grenade, and goes "Oh Sh**!", and then flushes it down the toilet and blows up the fat guy.
11. How he pays the girl-again-for her big gun, only for it to have no bullets.
12. How he goes, "Oh sh**!! I forgot something!" at the end.

All in all, it was a win for the little girl.

keep you animations like that. Incredible

One Word: Awesome.

I really don't know what to say, really. This movie deserve a special place in my favorite movies collection.

A bit fast paced at parts but for the most part the animation was great! The fight choreography was unique and you took full advantage of everything in the background. The animation was smooth and I could always tell what was going on. It was interesting throughout the whole video because every scene presented something new and exiting. Good work!