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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

Epic, great use of 3D characters in a static 2D environment and laminar object movement.

This was AWESOME how long did it take for this to be completed? Also I so wouldn't be surprised if this becomes the next Madness.

Woah, awesome start to the series. Nice to see the little greedy girl is a re-occuring character too, she's one of the more bizarre characters of the set. As with the sequel, there's plenty of comedy mixed in with the action, but I wonder, is there a plot to this or is it completely random? Maybe it'll be like the start of Madness, where it's completely random at first but overtime gains a cast of re-occuring characters, a legacy of its own. The fight with the cleaner guy makes me think of Jackie Chan, best part IMO, good to see all the characters that previously just passed by come back at the end, and that big guy... well that was unexpected, heh. Very realistic movements, and very fast-paced too, though it's a bit odd how he can know in advance even what's going on behind him, managing to dodge most attacks easily. The scenery is incredibly detailed too, and the transitions smooth. Keep up the great work!


most awesome ninja thing I've seen so far

The attention to detail and the little small things like master shake graffiti, tom and jerry, just make this a masterpiece. 5 stars eZ