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Reviews for "Ninja Action"


awesome! What Madness should be

This video is so long and awesome, I can't find anything not to like about it! Love all the references to all the titles like you stated above as well as Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Metal Gear Solid soldier music listening and cardboard box, Jax slam move in Mortal Kombat, along with many other cameo features you put in this flash. One thing I do have to say is what did this ninja do to piss this many people off? Also, if he was a true ninja he needed some shurikens to throw.

To think this genre started with xiaoxiao and turned into this, amazing. :)
This is just a whole new dimension.

this was a LOOONG video, but extremly exciting stuff. This happen to be the last one i watched from your other lastest video and even though your other movies has been much updated, this one is STILL an all time favorite. Definitely worth to be in ALL TIME GREATS!

Havent had this much fun watching this since SF vs. MK2 - Omi-Akuma vs. Chameleon.