Reviews for "Ninja Action"

DUDE! That was crazy! You really put some thought into this. Out of all the things you mentioned in the description. It felt like a mortalk and xiao out of all. But that was really awesome. And I dont mean just the action. the movements we're really fluid, backgrounds were well made. the ninja had battle damage through out the entire 13 minutes, classic humor.
You deserve a 5 and a couple trophies!

Fuck yeah! Awesome animation, great environments, sweet kills and a few laughs, too.

This is way to awesome. XD WOW! Great animation, Great background, Great details. This better win! You just earn yourself another fan! 5

I enjoyed the small humoured cutscenes. Even recognised parody for "Die hard" in one of them.
Though, I must add that "brother" scene took a little bit too much time.

Other than that - it is bloody perfect submission for your first project.