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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

The choreography was pretty damn good, but you're missing two CRUCIAL things in this animation.

1. A sense of weight: there's no sense that these actions take any amount of energy to pull off and this makes it so each little punch seems as powerful as every giant sledgehammer hit. It's not satisfying.

2. Proper speed: right now this animation is way too fast. Speed can be good and convey aciton, but there's no way to appreciate the choreography if it's TOO fast and we can't tell what's going on.

dex00 responds:

About sense of weight. It is my first experience in animation and many of scenes were drawn way too much years ago. If I only could re-do the whole animation - those issues could be fixxes. One more interesting fact - some scenes were drawn blindfolded because of insuffient capacities of my PC. I was not able to play my own animation on it and used my common sense at it's best. Obviously, I fixed most crude mistakes later.
About proper speed. I won't fix it. If it will be any slower - it will be boring. Personally, I do not like pulling the cat's tail. In my opinion, it is better to watch animation twice, than watch it once but slowly.

Dude, that was amazing.

I think seeing as SO much fucking work has been put into this amazing piece of work, I need to write a proper review of it.
The animation was smooth as anything and harkens back, as the description rightly states, to those of older video games and awesome flash animations and movies from days of old. The fighting in this was second to none and didn't get boring throughout the whole animation. The graphics were awesome and the background detail and scenery was stunning, and I love the way that you incorporated the backgrounds and the environment into the actual fights and events that happened in this. 5 stars, couldn't have been better, ASTONISHING.

At first i was like "meh the graphichs are shit, how did it get frontpaged?"
Now i'm looking for the most awesome word man has created, to describe this fucking awesome stuff. Seriously man, fucking a.

i was expecting more from that medusa chick btw.

HO. LY. SHIT. You just took me back to my childhood, Xiao Xiao, Killer Kazuki, Madness, all that mindless action Flash I used to drown myself after school, everything good about them just wrapped up into one burrito, WITH frame by frame. I love it. Not even mad. There is an insane amount of effort here. One continuous 13-minute shot spanning a ridiculous amount of scenes blended seamlessly together. The scenes themselves and the 3D all came together great. The car junkyard was the craziest scene, all of this was just fucking nuts.

Of course I'm not a kid anymore though, I have my pretentious criticisms. One of the main ones is that it was super obvious when you "borrowed" animation from a video game or a movie, kinda took me out of it a little. Also, the proportions and character shape changed a lot when there was heavy fBf, and it would have been better for there to have been less framerate and more volume/gravity to the animation in some places. But other than that, I loved it. My god, how long did that take you? I'm hoping that (2003-2012) isn't 9 years you spent on this one project. I will cry.