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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

Epic, great use of 3D characters in a static 2D environment and laminar object movement.

That was amazing

Best animation i've seen in a while here, earned my review.
The sounds were great, I liked the soundtrack, and effects a ton. Animation is where clearly you show your talent for fighting animations, the weapons and killing was very enjoyable to see, the enviornments where the ninja traveled were very detailed and I appreciate the effort you put into it, as it made it a lot more enjoyable. The characters were mostly unique besides the few ninjas which was also very interesting and a plus for you, I can't imagine the amount of time you put into making this and all I can offer you is my thanks for the 13:19 seconds of pure pleasure I got from enjoying your talents. Thanks dude, keep on animating, you are SO talented dude, motivation for me, a youngster whose lurked on NG since he was like 8 and with motivation from people I see posting here going to college for programming and animations..

This must have taken a long fuckin time to complete.

Who said the Black Stickman can't fight? He does a damn good job in the real world!

Now to seriousness. This was a tribute to a lot of very classic games. It was well done and the sight jokes like the little girl asking for nickles... Damn she packs a big shotgun!

I found this to be a nice romp in the world of GRATUITOUS Bloodshed and violence.

more to come????