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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

That was incredible. Looks like it took a great amount of effort. Fast paced, fluid, well coreographed and good humor. As a few of the reviewers below mentioned, great use of the backgrounds.

0.5 stars off as I felt the music was not entirely in keeping with the action at times, but that is a very small gripe.

Epic, keep up the good work.

That was THEE BEST fighting animation I have ever seen (and probably will ever see) in my entire life.

It was good. It was just a little long for me. Also it was a little TOO fast. Made it hard to appreciate the choreography and whatnot. Still, nice work.

Fantastic! Great use of environment, really interesting fights and funny characters. The use of music and narrative worked well and the way you included realistic scenery was really creative. The animation was smooth and you kept it up for the whole 13 minutes. Nicely done, 5 stars.

best movie.And this is epic.Please make this a game. im fucking begging you,PLEASE!