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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

Noticed a lot of those game motions and even some of the Jackie Chan action that you mentioned. With it all smashed into a single seamless take it was pretty great. Feel this had to take some serious time to create. Awesome Job.

I cannot explain to anyone how awesome this was to watch. I am actually pretty speechless.

best fighting i seen in awhile..only thing the sound is a bit low but overall this kick ass

Amazing. The action was awesome, the fighting was brilliant, I loved the detail put into the backgrounds. The running time was perfect. You obviously put alot of effort into this and it was well worth it. You have a knack, you gotta make more!

one or not the most amazing fighting video I had the chance to see.

Animation, flawless.
Action, I shit my pants.
Overall time, more then enough.

My dear sir, make more, you have a talent for this.