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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

Awesome animation I would say if background would be made look like the animated characters with filter probably like cartoon as well specially some parts would look more complete still great flash animation could easily be a game :)

You just managed to pull of the best 2d fighting Video i have seen to this date.

Overall art and graphics are amazing, especially the reallistic backgrounds, its destruction and the way everything interacts. The character design was quite good too, especially considering how many different looking enemies you had (starting from the first third).
While a lot of people complained about the sounddesign, i do think that the low quality sound fits the trashy and awkward tone of this movie.

The only minor complaint i have is that the movement & combat animations looked a few times a litle choppy. Also one might argue that it get´s a bit too chaotic and the viewer might loose the overview for a short moment, but i actually do like the few overly chaotic scenes
Making it a total of 5 out of 5 stars for you :D.

This video massage my eye's balls! AWESOME!!!

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Outstanding job. Sound could be cleaned up a bit but this was very entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Fantastic quality, a few bits, ( the ninja hug for instance) threw me off a little. But this is the next evolution of stick figure combat. The bar has been officially raised, new standards have been set. Apply this to the Madness genre and you wil have something legendary.