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Reviews for "Ninja Action"



I've seen this animation on Youtube about half a year ago. Great work!

Oh, and as far as I know, the next part is coming out very soon, sometime around this summer.

Excellent work. Smooth animations, mostly logical movements of the bodies; I liked how the protagonist looked more worn down the further in trouble he got. Nice end, although I would have liked seeing the chopper in a scene. Also quite a funny, if slightly unnecessary, end joke.

Deliver somthing like this again and you're well on your way to become a Newgrounds legend.

One of the best platformer fightscenes I've seen in years. Not only isn't this all stickfigures but more real people, the backgrounds enemies and sounds are just amazing. Love the fact you can full screen this and just watch the epicness go on for 13 minutes straight. It doesn't get boring any second as the action keeps you entertained for a long time. Bonus points for the gore too which I love in action games/videos. I can see the cameos really good too because it practically breaths xiao xiao and double dragon. Very cool video which im surely adding in my favorites.
If ever possible make a sequel, I love your style.