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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

that was amazing. should have added toasty from the MK games at the end though :P ( ths: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpotlU oPdSE )


There is more (cool) action in this 13 minute movie than in all of the 90 minutes action blockbusters i have ever seen. Good job.

This seriously blew my mind. I thought i was going to be one of those short fighting scenes you often see on newgrounds, but when i checked how long the video actually was, i was like WAT.
Seriously how many frames does this masterwork have? Because every single one was awesome.
One thing that might have been nice, would have been slow motion on some parts because, sometimes my eyes couldn't keep up with the action because it went too fast. But on the other hand it also adds to the awsomeness.

Wow you truly made something amazing! Very nostalgic for me. I never reall watch movies here on newgrounds but im glad i decided to watch this. Thank you for the huge effort you put into this!