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Reviews for "Ninja Action"

there was definitely ninjas. and definitely action. XD haha nice work very detailed and brutal

So FUCKING SICK! Dude! this is the one of the realest animations I've seen in a long-ass time.
Fucking fantastic, what a piece of work. 13 minutes of awesome. I can only imagine the ton of work the team must have put into making this, definitely an instant favorite. This deserves nothing less than the full five!

FREAKING EPIC! It's just like the MADNESS series, except with more of a storyline, more detailed worlds, equally awesome characters, (if not more), crazy humor, and a MUCH higher body count.
Favorite moments: The little redhead with the shotgun, the "Hippo Blue Blonde Guy", taking on the junkyard crane, and facing the lady in green... (LOL)
Can't wait for NINJA ACTION 3! Well done...
-Ultimate King of Evil

(Too much f**king damage)
6/5 :>

The art and animation were great along with the large amount of action, and the use of little quirky comedy bits just made it even better. Really loved that, what looked like to be, killer instinct combo reference at the end. Good work man, keep it up!