Reviews for "Strike Force Heroes 2"

what? could it be...
it's strike force heroes 2
it really proceeds the strike force heroes saga

love the game HOPE FOR STRIKE FORCE HEROES 3!!!!!!

here are some gun tips for the game:
1. lvl 10 spas-12 + lvl 9 loudener = mega damage
2. refined lvl 8 DSR1 + armor piercing perk = almost a instakill

( note that these are the levels of my guns..... it will probably work with any level but these are really good gun combos so try them out i have only been a site member for a week and i will post more gun tips for diffrent games that use guns ) P.S my first comment as on madness: project nexus about arena mode and it was found helpful and was on he front page of comments for a day or two.

Интересно, а русские тут есть?)

When I used the slot machine, I got a shield from it and I was happy then it said shield is not allowed in the game. I got trolled T_T